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Hello, my name is Dr. Laurel Petrevics, and I am a holistically minded Dr. of Physical Therapy.   If you are anything like me, as a mom and health professional, you want to give your family and patients the best care possible by treating the actual source of the pain and dysfunction.   MY JOURNEY began with use of natural remedies for the birth of my baby.  I used raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy to help with easier labor- as it was an amazing way to give birth to my baby.  I had to use A LOT of this tea during birth for it to do anything for me medically.

After giving birth and getting some education on essential oils I began to learn something which changed my life forever. I learned that I didn’t have to drink a large dosage of tea anymore to get the effects I needed.  ESSENTIAL OILS contain all of the therapeutic properties of plants…in a very potent amount as one drop of peppermint essential oil equals 22+ tea bags of peppermint tea…and it’s the “medicinal” part of the herb you get with the oil, basically liquid gold!  I have moved from using just herbs to now using essentials and practical nutritional remedies to naturally treat myself and my families ailments successfully with anything from diaper rashes to colds and flu.  I have also had great success using them on myself and my patients for pain and inflammation.  Essential Oils have become very important in my Physical Therapy practice while doing lots of bodywork techniques such as manual therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue mobilization/massage, positional release, acupressure and much more!

My heart has been ever since soaring with joy knowing that I can naturally take care of my families health in a way that I know is incredibly healthy with use of essential oils, nutrition, and exercise.  We have more control and freedom over our health and I love to share this with others.  That’s what I’m about.  I’m here to help others find natural ways to help alleviate health problems whether they need some physical therapy or bodywork from me, nutrition advice, personal training, or would like more information on use of essential oils.  I am here to provide you services and solutions you need and in the healthiest way I know  drawn from not only my educational background and practice, but also from my own experiences in my family.  I would love to know get to know you and help you with any questions you may have.  If you would like to receive more information, schedule an appointment, or have any questions please submit your email address so we can be in touch!


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