Physical Therapy and Essential Oils


There are many reasons why essential oils should be used as a complimentary and alternative medicine in physical therapy and really within everyone’s home. It’s amazing to me the health benefits that essential oils can give for many common health ailments I see many in many of my friends, family, and patients. I have personally thrown out all pain medications, and almost ALL of my over the counter (OTC) drugs out of our house.

But Why?

The basic most fundamental cornerstone of our health first comes with nutrition. We all need to be better informed of our nutrition. It frightens me to think that NUEROTOXINS are put in our food, and MOST foods which are not raw, organic, whole foods have them. We desperately all NEED GOOD NUTRITION, and we NEED foods with anti-oxidants to counteract all these nasty toxins in our foods, air, water etc. Good, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils do countless things to reverse all the negative effects from our environment and to create that wonderful homeostasis we all need to have optimal health. Now if I could just get my patients off prescribed drugs I know I would see a huge difference in their health. If only someone could give them the whole truth, the whole holistic approach, I believe many of their “problems” would be solved

See this baby? I want to give her a chance in this life to NOT have depression, diabetes, self image issues, none of that negative stuff if we can help it. She had reflux, but with natural treatment we supplied at home IT’S GONE!


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