The BEST all natural baby and child sunscreen



Have you asked yourself what you are really putting on you or YOUR BABIES skin lately?  For one, this Dr. would like to report to you that your skin is your bodies LARGEST organ so EVERYTHING you put on it gets absorbed into your system.  I have done a lot of research in what is in these products and will be the first to tell you that I do not recommend buying any lotions or sunscreens from your local stores unless you don’t mind slathering cancer causing chemicals into your body.  Plus, there are safe ways to get the optimal sun exposure and solutions for safe sunscreens that I will discuss below.

It’s very important to realize that some of what we thought is common knowledge about sun exposure isn’t true. You may become surprised with some of the following information.  For instance, we have all been told to load on the sunscreen like the coppertone baby when there have been many reports and studies that have confirmed that sunscreens actually help ACCELERATE and/or CAUSE skin cancer.  Have you been told to avoid the sun during the peak afternoon hours of the day? Sun exposure during the morning and evening actually exposes you more to UVA rays and NO vitamin D which are a great cancer link.   I bet you didn’t know that THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY is the BEST time to get optimal health benefits form the sun- even lowering the risk of cancer contrary to popular belief!  We have been taught  that we should avoid the sun in the middle of the day, avoiding UVB rays, when the UVB rays are the BEST at getting THE MOST HEALTH BENEFIT AS YOU GET THE MOST VITAMIN D.  There is a whole host of health benefits that come from regular UVB sun exposure such as better moods, decreased risk of autoimmune diseases, better sleep, increased vitamin D production, and even a lessening of Alzhiemer’s symptoms, lowers blood pressure, and ACTUALLY PROTECTS FROM MELANOMA!  See this study if you’d like to see about melanoma protection with sun exposure,

So what I am getting to here is that YOU NEED SUNLIGHT and YOU CAN do it safely with YOUR KIDS AND BABIES.   The sun exists for a reason, it’s FOR your health and NOT AGAINST IT.  Of course our fair skinned friends and our little babies and children still need some protection as to avoid burning.  Even myself who tans extremely easily will make sure I have protection at the beginning of the season and on my cheekbones and shoulders and chest when needed throughout the season.  I always put a hat on my little girl who is young still as it’s the best way to cover her head and face.  I’ve even put on long sleeves and pants on her, but of course she wasn’t able to get ANY sun that way, and I HAVE A SOLUTION that can help my toddler GET SUN!  It’s an all natural- you COULD EAT IT so you can SLATHER IT on your babies, children, grandparents, spouse and you won’t even have to worry your pretty little head about hurting anyone with harmful chemicals with the recipes I have below!  My baby actually has used these at daycare as she is in the toddler room.  The other toddler’s had store bought sunscreens and my baby didn’t burn AT ALL with her YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OIL SUNSCREEN when the OTHER even OLDER KIDS DID!   It’s with Young Living Essential Oils and with a raw organic coconut oil unlike the rest of the essential oils out there—it’s the safest ones around.  See below for two recipes on what we used and what worked for us!  From my family to yours, God bless you and I hope you all enjoy the sun safely this summer and are able to get all the health benefits you and not burn these sunscreens below!

High SPF all Natural Sunscreen- LAUREL’S FAMILY FAVORITE!!!!

1 oz of raw organic coconut oil (2-8 spf)

40 drops of Young Living Carrot Seed Essential oil (40 spf)

6-8 drops of Young Living Chamomile Essential oil

6-8 drops of Young Living Lavender Essential oil

Medium to Low SPF all natural Sunscreen–FOR THOSE WHO PREFER LESS PROTECTION 

1 oz of raw organic coconut oil (2-8 spf)

25-30 drops of Young Living Carrot Seed Essential oil (40 spf)

6-8 drops of Young Living Chamomile Essential oil

6-8 drops of Young Living Lavender Essential oil





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