December 2014 Laurel’s Holistic Health Newsletter!


                             Healthy bodies don’t get sick.

                          We can do something about this.

I know there are lots of people getting into the essential oil thing…FINALLY, but I am wondering how it’s really going out there?  How are you all doing?  I take the holistic approach to things, nutrition, sleep, exercise, prayer, supplements, herbs, and essential oils.  If we take care of ourselves, our body has an awesome ability to be IMMUNE to much of what is going around out there.  Sometimes, OK the past COUPLE of DAYS I’ve been bad…and I needed something in a pinch and quick as I was starting to show symptoms of catching some type of illness.  I turned to my essential oils and am able to sit here today feeling better.  I love to share this with you all. I really want people to live more free and more happier and WELL lives.  

So what did I do?  What did I use? I had some congestion in my ears, nose, and throat come up last night.  I used thieves and RC on my feet, took them internally, and diffused RC over night (that is some of what I did with the oils-feel free to ask me more info!).  This onset of congestion I can say isn’t what it was last night and I am so thankful for it!  Next time you start feeling a little sneezy/like something is coming on I encourage you to look at Laura’s website and do a THIEVES JUMPSTART found here:

FROm Laurel's Holistic Health (7)
    Are you still feeling like you would like to know more on how to use your oils?  Would you like to start sharing with your friends and family?  Please come to our essential oils 101 class.  It will be held on Facebook, feel free to join my FB page as we will be announcing when this event will take place!  :

Promotional Items for December

Option 1 – Order 300 PV and receive a 5-ml bottle of the blend “Treasure of the Season,” a 5-ml bottle of Vetiver, and and 10 percent back in Essential Rewards points! (Retail Value: $104.60).

Option 2 – Order 250 PV and receive a 5-ml bottle of Vetiver essential oil and receive 10 percent back in Essential Rewards points! (Retail Value: $52.30)

Option 3 – Order 190 PV and receive a 5-ml bottle of Vetiver essential oil (Retail Value: $27.30)

ALSO… To extend the exciting Thanksgiving week offers, and to support your business-building efforts, Young Living is offering 10 percent off NingXia Red® and Thieves® Premium Starter Kits from December 1–5! Featuring some of YL’s most popular products of all time, these two kits are the perfect introduction to Young Living. This offer is available only for first-time enrolling members, and is limited to one per account.

Treasure of the Season: This limited-time seasonal essential oil blend combines two different varieties of Frankincense essential oil with Cinnamon Bark and Idaho Balsam Fir essential oils for a holiday blend unlike any other! This festive blend, which is both spiritually uplifting and emotionally grounding, is only available only during December for this promotion, so be sure not to miss out and get yours!”

Vetiver: High in sesquiterpenes, Vetiver essential oil has balancing properties that can help calm the mind and elevate spirituality. Its earthy and soft aroma is perfect for diffusing during quiet moments.

10 Percent Back: For every order over 250 PV in December, you will receive 10 percent of your order back in Essential Rewards points! This offer applies to both Essential Rewards and standard orders and is on top of any points you may earn from your regular monthly Essential Rewards order, up to 50 points per order. These points can be great for ordering free Young Living gifts for loved ones. To receive your points, you must be enrolled in our Essential Rewards program—it’s our way of thanking you for your loyalty. These points will be available to use on or before January 20th.

Ready to live your dreams dear Friends? Since you either signed up under me with Young Living or with Laura or Diane, I want to remind you that you have FREE WEBINARS and INFORMATION waiting for you to tap into!  There is so much from a three part series on cleansing, child birth and delivery, juicing 101, and so so much more!  Here is the sign in page to the secret members area so you can check some of it out here:

I want to add that I have a doctorate in PT, and this information was the key to me  really knowing some secrets to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

Hoping you all have a VERY blessed Christmas!

God bless you all with good health and cheer,

Laurel Petrevics, DPT


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