To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate our babies and children


you knowI started writing this post a year ago and it took me almost a whole year to finally post this up online.  I couldn’t help it due to all the hate over this topic.  Vaccinations.  I’ve grown up listening to everything I was told within the school system and government always thinking that what I was being told was infallibly true.  I thought this with vaccinations as well.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been hoping that vaccinations were a good thing all this time and am finding with more and more research this just ain’t the truth my friends.

Much of the research…epidemiological research which is in fact the following is WHAT HAPPENED over time. Epidemiological research shows that there was a steady regression of diseases that we routinely began vaccinating for.  When vaccines were brought into play, there was then a steady and quite large INCREASE of these diseases AFTER they had almost been irradicated on THEIR OWN through proper nutrition and sanitation practices.  This is documented and true, but it’s not documented in every study this way and this is where we have been misled. Much research is skewed by changing definitions of things, including diagnostic criteria.  If you have ever heard of a conflict of interest with research you might know what I’m getting at here.  A study in Finland stated that the vaccinations for measles, mumps, and rubella was accompanied by an increasing rate of false positive clinical diagnosis.  In reality, the vaccinations in this study actually spiked the rate of the diseases; however, the researchers called the clinical diagnoses of these diseases false positives.  In other words the children got the vaccines, got sick, went to the doctor, the doctor said you have measles or rubella, but the researchers who were administering the vaccines said that’s not rubella…it looks like rubella but we are going to make a strict diagnostic criteria as our definition of what rubella really is so all those cases of rubella, measles, and mumps certainly could not be those things…..i hope you can sense the sarcasm here!   I would like to refer to something that relates but can be a real life event we all know about.  For example we have all had those cases where one family member comes down with the flu or a cold.  Sometimes it’s the exact same sickness we all experience with the cold symptoms and sometimes one person may experience it longer or more severe.  It’s not up for discussion in those instances if it was or wasn’t the same virus…we all know that it was even if one person had it a little worse than another.  Can you see why making a strict definition of what the sickness is could skew the results?  Why couldn’t we just trust the doctors out in the field who were making the diagnosis in the first place?  And why is it OK for researchers to change these skewed results and misguide the world?  Here is more proof and more in depth detail on what I just was talking about here, you may find this all very surprising and shocking- I love this video it is a must!:

If skewed studies and epidemiology doesn’t sway you towards to look into this more before making the decision to vaccinate, perhaps parent’s stories will.  Here is another blog with other resources and personal stories on how vaccines injured and/or killed their children: 

Furthermore, have you noticed we have compromised healthy normal childhoods and adulthoods in this nation.  We are supposed to be the MOST HEALTHY nation, but this couldn’t be more far from the truth.  I believe the food industry and toxic choices like vaccines are to blame.  Autoimmune disorders, allergies, eczema, GERDS, asthma, ADHD, neurological disorders, chronic ear infections, poor immune systems, getting sick a lot, are just some examples of what there is a huge prevalence of now.  Do I believe vaccines to be a culprit…yes I do.

Another reason I don’t want vaccines being injected in my family is what is in them.  Very toxic substances, way over what the CDC even recommends on their OWN website is in one vaccine.   I’m Christian, are you?  Then maybe you would find it interesting that there is aborted fetal cells in vaccines.  That IS against my religion…I do not want DNA from other animals, especially human beings being injected into my system.  Does it sound like a cancer cocktail to you?  It does to me, and my Lord doesn’t want this stuff injected right into my system.

What is the best way to combat these childhood diseases then?  Get your natural immunity on.  Don’t be gross.  Don’t starve yourself: eat right.  Natural immunity is the best form of immunity.  It is the way God intended it.  Eyes, ears, nose, throat, and mouth are the natural places where the viruses and bacteria try to enter.  Your body naturally begins building up natural defenses after being exposed to them.  This is where you get life long immunity to things.  Unless you are have a weak immune system for other reasons you most likely wont die from these diseases.  As a matter of fact, remember that the diseases were at an all time low before vaccines were finally being distributed.  What was different?  What was helping people?  Proper nutrition and proper sanitation.  So, don’t be gross (wash up, use some thieves cleaner at your house for example) and eat properly.  This will save your life- but it’s a no brainer you got this anyway!

It’s up to you what you want to do vaccinate or not- this blog post isn’t up for starting any kind of a quarrel friends!  For me, I am just like any other mom, I really want to do what is best and I just want to challenge the subject a little bit as I feel as we all have been taught to just “listen what the doctor says” when in contrast, we should all have the ability to make an informed decision with as much information that could be helpful.  As a physical therapist, I have seen some little ones with some major disability and have wonder why this is and why if we are supposedly have better health care why is there a huge increase of a whole plethora of disorders and diseases among our little ones?  This is my opinion as a Christian, a mother, and a doctor of physical therapy.  There it is my friends, I started this post a year ago and felt with all this FEAR MONGERING we are going through with the MEASLES SCARE that I would finally give you my humble opinion on this.  Whatever you choose, good luck, and may God bless you, HE is the one in control.  Remember, He is also the one that made you fearfully and wonderfully made….He also happened to make your immune system!  God bless!


*FDA disclaimer:  These statements are not meant to diagnose or treat any health ailment.  Consult your doctor before starting your health journey! 


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