New 2015 PSK Presentation: Intro to EOs


The Oil Posse


This is a PowerPoint presentation for the upcoming and new 2015 Premium Starter Kit Collection. This presentation covers the basics for an Introduction to Essential Oils class/workshop/event.

This presentation is free for your use with the following guidelines:

You may remove the last slide in the presentation, it was placed there to show how we will input our contact information.

You can edit the second to the last slide to add your contact information.

Other than the contact slide, please do not alter any of the slides.

Below you will find notes to give to those who attend, please do not alter the notes, you may add your contact information in the space provided, near the end, before the “flyers.”

Be sure you include the flyer and the FAQ notes for the Essential Rewards program. These are important for your attendees to have and take home with them.

We will…

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