PT and During, Before, and After Pregnancy


Question Asked from my doula besties: What can physical therapy bring to the table in pregnancy care and post partum?

I’d love to ask you what physical therapy can bring to the table regarding prenatal care? I know that you did several things during your own pregnancy that helped you endure a drug free childbirth. Do you have any suggestions for pregnant women who want to stay strong and fit during pregnancy?

Great Questions!

Physical therapy is one of the hidden gems within the health field. A lot of times women are not referred to a physical therapist when some of the problems could be easily treated by one of us rehab folk. In Sweden, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN gets referred post natal for regular pelvic floor strengthening and I’m sure overall assessment to make sure there is not anything that can be addressed by the PT. Prenatal and Postnatal care can consist of but is not limited to Low back pain (whether it is nerve, muscle, or bonymisalignment), strengthening for birth and postpartum recovery, pelvic floor strengthening, Diastisis Rectus (the separation that can occur on your tummy muscles), Posture during and after (which nursing causes a LOT of upper shoulder, neck,and headache issues in many), Cesearan recovery (often overlooked), again headaches, and help with getting back into exercise. Other things that a Woman’s Health PT can address are coccydynia (tail bone pain), Dysmennhorea, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, mechanical causes of infertility,pudenal neuralgia (pelvic nerve entrapement), and bowel dysfunction/ and constipation. Currently, I have had the pleasure of offering Yoga Classes for all ages and fitness levels and hold a class that Birthing Tree’s clients are encouraged to attend. Yoga from a rehabilitation perspective for pregnancy and beyond is one of the most wonderful tools I’ve encountered! Please feel free to join us! Here is some more educational information provided by the American Physical Therapy Association on Pregnancy and physical therapy file:///C:/Users/AEP/Downloads/ WomensHealth_7%20(2).pdf

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