Health HELP: DONT drown, reach out to a FRIEND!


reaching to not drown.jpg

The adrenaline is coming down and you all might benefit from hearing what just happened today.  My youngest was asleep and it just seemed like I was being told to go down to the basin for a little while to catch some sun for some vitamin D, read the new essential oils desk reference guide I’ve been gifting to my fellow oilers, and watch my 4 year old swim.   I was NOT planning on taking a dip myself today.

There is often other people down at the basin, children and parents both swimming and jumping off the dock.  It started to sprinkle a bit, so I changed my position towards the picnic table that oversees the basin and swimming area.  There was another 4 year old swimming and playing with my 4 year old.   His grandmother got caught up in a heated discussion on the phone and walked away…

I realize that I must keep watch at this point to make sure the kids don’t drown!  Looking over my reading material, I see the other 4 year old go to the end of the dock and “I say, that’s too deep, don’t jump in!”   He moves down the dock some and a little later JUMPS in.   I look and he is struggling to keep himself afloat.  I run down and jump in and retrieve him.  Meanwhile the phone becomes NOT IMPORTANT and the grandmother throws her phone down and is of course freaking out.

We get to talking and the reason she was on the phone was an argument with her son about HER health.  Our health often doesn’t mean ANYTHING to us, until it starts taking up our TIME, MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS, EMOTIONS, and takes us away from all the things in life we love…. This grandma is having some serious health issues and seemed READY to listen after almost losing her Grandson for a second there.  Her phone lies broken and cracked, everything has stopped for her, and she is becoming open towards life change, you can feel it.  She opened up down at that basin. She heard how there are so many chemicals in our environment causing her many others health problems.   She is going to come to one my classes or at the very least consult with a family member who knows some about nutrition and about essential oils.

My friends, my prayer to you is to do what you can to LEARN by joining in with my friends, family, and team members and become the healthiest and happiest YOU.  It’s time to  LEARN about essential oils, learn about deadly and slow but certain to kill products  (makeup, cleaners, dryer sheets, personal care, over the counter meds and the list goes on and on), LEARN about nutrition, exercise, CLEANSING for your DIGESTIVE system and for your liver….before you are DROWNING in a health issue or problem.   We can’t control everything in life, but it is a blessing from God to use these things he has bestowed on us for our benefit, He LOVES US THAT MUCH!  In a bible that my Grandma tree left me, I opened it up the other night asking for a sign on what to do with my life and I received this:  “God makes the earth yield healing herbs, which the prudent man should no neglect.” Sirach 38:4  Come and join me, Laurel Ann, at my facebook group, .    I will do a FREE class for you virtually or in person, as you wish.  Let’s do this together, let’s swim, let’s run, lets have ALL the fun!   God bless you all with everything you need always.   Contact me @ or the contact form below on how I might be helpful in helping you with any goals!

With much love,

Laurel Ann



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