All About Detox.


One day, after church in college, a dear friend of ours kept telling me over and over how important gut health is.  She also permanently reminded me how the “junk” that is in our food slows up our digestion and causes all of our health issues including weight gain, acne, and overall health decline.  She must knew that I wasn’t buying it quite yet or maybe God was prompting her to get it through to me.  Anyways thank you Mrs. Greenlee, you were right! I weighed myself today, I am 29 years old, and had my first baby a little less than 11 months ago and weigh lots less I did even in high school.  I worked out a minimum of two hours each day before and after school and played sports.  I don’t work out anywhere close to that anymore and am healthier.   I started working out at 14 years old, learned EVERYTHING I knew from the gym owner, and I even did the protein shakes, diet pills, but nothing really helped all that much.   I tried eating “healthy” as our federal government depicts as healthy but never got the slimmer state that I am achieving now.  I am about to tell you how I did it and why I couldn’t before.

Finally, what Mrs. Greenlee was telling me really sank in.  I watched a webinar by a woman named Stacey Kimbrell who is an expert in what foods have food additives(toxins!), neurotoxins, MSG(neurotoxin!), preservatives, pesticides, aspartame (neurotoxin) and refined sugar (yup a toxin). By the way neurotoxins kill neurological cells.   We have taken all these “extras” in our food very lightly when in reality we shouldn’t have been so worry free about this.  No wonder we get major diseases and even worse to some of us- cannot lose weight.    Our bodies are not made to assimilate these these foreign substances and causes havoc on our internal cells and organs.  We cannot digest them like we should and eliminate them through the body.  This causes a backup and a buildup of toxins in the body and our digestive system is working on overload, but not efficiently.  If our cells are working so hard trying to rid of the toxins and are not getting the proper nutrition on top of it we have problems with our metabolism all the way to the cellular level…thus the WEIGHT GAIN or halt in weight loss progress.  Now you may ask HOW does one MAXIMIZE weight loss goals and do a detox?  Keep reading.

1.) First, you need to get informed.  After listening to the Young Living group webinar and obtaining a starter list of the bad things I started getting rid of the bad stuff in my pantry and fridge.  It would surprise you, but the FDA allow companies to change names of things like MSG to names like Yeast Extract so you don’t know what you are buying and still buy it.

2.) Begin a gentle detox.   Young Living products are all free of toxins!  Just putting their essential oils in your water will help detox.  I found great results with lemon oil and peppermint essential oil to start with.  I also am a fan of the NingXia Red wolfberry juice they sell.  It is infused with superfruits and enhanced with essential oils.  It detoxifies the body, gives you a super boost of nutrition with the aide of the essential oils as the essential oils actually help the nutrients pass through the cell wall.  It’s amazing.  Also detoxify the air you breathe by using a diffuser with whatever essential oil of your choice.  The premium starter kit that young living is the best way to switch out all toxic products in your house if you want to get full (5)

NEED MORE INFORMATION on this AMAZING kit that is at a LOW PRICE?here:





3.) Continue to Exercise or start a little plan.  I am a physical therapist so you were going to hear that from me.  Walking even will help motility of the gut to help you eliminate extra wastes (thus detoxing even more!).  It will enhance your moods and release chemicals in the brain that actually help you from eating more.  It’s a good deal all around to move.  We were meant to.  Find a plan that works for you.  You can consult with me on this one.

4.)  Drink water and ditch the pop, empty calorie juices, fake sugar drinks (including diet pop) FOREVER.  These are bad news bears if you wanna lose weight.  These are some of the culprit of the obesity epidemic in our country.  You can quit them.  You can actually put peppermint and/or grapefruit essential oil in your water for a refreshing burst AND it will DECREASE YOUR APPETITE, LIFT YOUR MOOD, ENERGIZE, AND help eliminate toxins!

5.) Begin cleaning it up.  ALL of it.  Clean your air, water, and personal products.  For instance, why put things on your largest organ (your skin) if its going right into the body.  I use non-toxic products that I either buy or make myself, DIY.  It has enhanced my whole quality of life overall and has aided in my personal health and fitness goals as well! I buy either Young Living pre-made products, or make my own with Young Living essential oils and natural ingredients.  I will be sure to share some of my DIY easy lotions, deodarants, hairsprays, cleaners etc on my homepage!  

6.) Do Young Livings Cleansing Trio Kit.  I did young living’s cleansing trio kit and it was amazingly effective!  I lost weight and a lot of extra waste that was stuck in my digestive system….I felt lighter, less depressed, I had less acne, less stress, and was able to get more out of my workouts!

cleansing trio


7.)  Try the master cleanser it has been proven in studies as a great way to detox your body:, Or you can even use my modified version here that is awesome as I use essential oils in it!:  I modified the recipe today as I didn’t have fresh organic lemons and used the following:
1 tbs braggs ACV
6 drops of YL lemon EO and grapfruit EO
herbal laxative flake form
organic cayenne pepper (2-3 dashes)
1/2 tablespoon ogranic low glycemic load agave
1 tsp of Psyllium seed
10 oz or so of water

8.)  Obvious, but true: don’t eat the bread of idleness!  Like it says in Proverbs 31, “She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”  Don’t stress eat my friends!  Don’t eat out of boredom!  Keep yourself busy with the things God wants you to be and don’t forget to pray.  🙂

If you would like help with food choices, exercise plans, or supplements from Young Living to help you achieve your goals please leave your contact information below and I will be sure to get back to you!  God Bless!

20140812-052332-19412411.jpg Detox health tip!  A little lemon essential oil in your water is a wonderful way to cleanse your system as well!  If you want more tips and more information on Essential Oils and supplements give me your information below! It’s my pleasure to get the word out there!   WANT TO ORDER THESE PRODUCTS AT A DISCOUNT?  OR INTERESTED IN A WISE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY?  Fill out the form ABOVE and I will get back to you!



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