Curing a baby ear infection naturally


Baby-pulling-on-ear.jpg (300×295)

It’s so scary when your baby gets sick!  A couple of weeks ago my little one year old woke up for a bit in the middle of the night and was a little warm and irritable.  Very convenient that we were going to the doctor the next day- well I guess it was.

The doctor seemed pretty nice, except he was telling me all the wrong things to do.  Like the guy as a person, but didn’t really like his advice.  He looked into Natalia’s ears and said she has fluid behind the ear.  I asked him, “how bad is this infection.”  He told me that it was pussy inside and we must put her on antibiotics right away.  My heart DROPPED because if you know anything about gut health antibiotics take out all your good flora, halt proper digestion, and strip your body of it’s natural defenses.  Not what I want to do to myself or my baby, this is for sure.  So I got the Dr. Mom ear otoscope (which is pretty awesome by the way!) and took a look for myself.  I saw lots of ear wax!  She wiggled too much for me to really see anything.

So I did what I normally do when a doctor prescribes me something…I reluctantly fill out the prescription and bring it home.  Then, I start researching.  The american pediatric academy of pediatrics states that most ear infections are NOT recommended for antibiotic treatment, actually watchful waiting is optimal treatment!

I went ahead and used Young Living essential oils, breastmilk, and garlic oil (which I made myself) to help combat this issue head on!  She didn’t seem very sick and she was just fine and I was SOOO happy I didn’t put my little firecracker on antibiotics!

Interestingly, this doctor wasn’t going to be there the next week and must have had a hunch I wasn’t really going to put her on the antibiotics because and he had me schedule the next week to see another pediatrician down the hall.

She check her ears and said they looked healthy, just a bit waxy.  She had a totally different opinion about antibiotics and ear infections than the other doctor.  My heart SOARED with all this good news!  NO antibiotics and NO ear infection!  The body CAN heal itself with the proper substances NATURALLY.

If you would like to get started doing things naturally in your home, you came to the right place!  Please contact me in the form below and I can get you started quite easily!


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