Decreasing post Dental Procedure Pain with Essential oils and physical therapy


We just had a scare in our family.  New years day my husband was having spreading pain throughout his jaw, cheek, and temporal bone out of nowhere 11 days post dental work.  He doesn’t complain of pain unless its getting serious.  New years day the dentist isn’t in but guess who is?  Your in house Dr. of PT is-that was me.  I was SO worried that he had some type of infection.  Infections in the mouth can be REALLY serious if you hadn’t heard!  I tried all sorts of things…ALL day…oil pulling, saltwater rinses, tea compresses, clove and tea tree oil swished in water…pretty much everything I could get my hands on in our house without having to try to find an open store was what was happening here.  Nothing seemed to work….nothing…the pain was consistent, and it didn’t look pretty.  Pain to any type of pressure on the tooth that was aching, and oddly there was a lot of MUSCLE pain and involvement.   Pretty soon it was evident that there was some type of muscle spasm and reaction to the anesthetic given at the dentist…and it wasn’t looking pretty…

This was something that Physical Therapy treatment with essential oils were what finally helped my husband.

Physical therapy diagnosis?  Trauma to nerves causing muscle spasm and pain.  This was exhibited in symptoms in the maxillary nerve distribution causing profuse pain into the maxillary bone, cheek, temporal area, and treated tooth.  Muscle spasm in the bilateral masseter muscles and ptyergoid on the affected side.  Treatment?  Myofascial release to the muscles from the outside coupled with intra-oral release techniques (by going INSIDE the mouth to release the painful muscle spasm).  Site of possible anesthesia shot CAUSED a lot of pain and there was localized pain with pressure on this spot- which when I say localized ALL the other spots of this side of his face had NO pain with palpation here.  Like I do with my back patients….CENTRALIZING pain is a MUST!  Something needed to be added to nuetralize the toxin buildup at this spot and thyme essential oil is what we used.  This is a hot oil and it was applied to the point of localized pain with acupressure type muscle work until the pain in the face was completely resolved and all that was left was a stinging sensation from the thyme essential oil.   We both agreed that if he had gone back to the dentist and then to the ER the source of the problem this time would not have been found…physical therapy was just the thing he needed.  Lucky him I was home and yes, the next day he still felt better.  Here is to hoping that I can help others avoid vicious and unecessary pain cycles.  There is a reason folks that other countries always send patient to the “Physio” (another name for physical therapist) FIRST.  Please make an appointment with me if you have pain of ANY kind…there is a VERY high chance I could help you get better!


Side note:  Care must be taken with use of this oil, and if it gets to other parts other than what you are treating you will want to use coconut oil or another carrier oil to dilute it!


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