Degenerative Disease: What’s eating you?


What’s eating you?  A term meaning the following things reported on, ” Also, what’s bugging you.  What is annoying or bothering you?”

What’s eating most of us is something called DD, degenerative disease.  Many of us, if not most of us are in the process of having some kind of degenerative disease and this list is very many: Diabetes, heart disease, fibromylagia, depression, headaches, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and many many others.

The definition of a degenerative disease is a disease where the affected tissues or organs are being damaged due to things in what I believe to be coming from our environment, water, and diet.

So, yeah it’s bad, but I bet you want to know what really is causing DD, right?

A lack of nutrients at the cellular level is one of the causes degenerative disease.  Stress, environmental toxins, lack of exercise, are also all the things that lead to damage at a cellular level in the body causing degenerative disease.

There are some things that are NOT your fault, and that you PROBABLY don’t know about though.  Did you know that our food has CHEMICALS harming our cells at the cellular level?   Yes, these environmental toxins cause disease in the body by altering how our bodies work at a cellular, basic level.  I believe this is where a lot of  degenerative diseases and even cancer comes from.  Environmental toxins were never meant for our body and it would make sense that they would cause a lot of disease, right? Did you know that the food companies are ALLOWED to change even the names of things on the label so we don’t know these things are in there?  I was shocked when I found this out and so moved that I threw out a lot of products and foods I had in my home immediately.  I bet you all didn’t know that many of the chemicals in our household, self-care, and food products are OUTLAWED in other countries.

Another source of disease comes from prescribed drugs.  Yes, I just said that. Doctors are told in medical school that drugs are actually toxic and harmful to the human body.  They are told to weigh the benefits and the risks with each drug and use their professional opinion and education on what to do.  I have had many patients severely disabled and even having a stroke “that no one seemed to know where it came from” due to drugs. These are some of the types of situations that I have seen often while practicing in my field.

So if you have a degenerative disease or are like me and would like to prevent one, I would first recommend drinking lots of water.  Drinking lots of water helps you digest and discard wastes and those nasty toxins! Secondly, I would recommend you get a list of  those big bad toxins and STOP putting those dang things in your body my friends!  Please! Thirdly, being that the standards for organic foods have increased significantly in the past couple of years, I would start buying organic here and there as your budget allows (pesticides are nasty environmental toxins, and if they kill bugs, what do you think they do to your cells?). Next, I would start an exercise program.  Exercising even if it has to be a little bit at first, is going to really really help you rid of nasty wastes, improve your mood, and improve your mental clarity greatly. I am a physical therapist and a health fitness major I might be of some help to you in this department!  Lastly, do what you can.  Don’t stress out about it, just take baby steps towards your goals because any little thing that you do can help, and it all counts.

There is still more you can do to significantly increase your vitality.   I have been studying nutrition since I can remember, which by the way, I have a passion for proper education of nutrition in a nation where I have found we are so misinformed on this.  I have become a huge fan of essential oils and there is a reason for this. They are “superfoods” and the “life source of plants”, cleansers, detoxifiers, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial,anti-fungal, anti-viral, and overall they help the body maintain homeostasis.  They have helped me personally as I am reaching my weight loss goals with more ease, have noticed my digestive health improve, my moods improve (I think I had a tad of postpartum depression), my acne has improved,and my overall energy and focus has improved.  I believe they are God’s gift and God’s “medicine” for us spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  Not only does  Young Living have the most reliable and safe essential oils out there (this is true, I can prove it to you), they have a fantastic line of safe household cleaning products, skin and beauty care, and supplements for overall systemic health and balance of the body.

If you would like a FREE LIST of what to avoid in your foods and products, please give me your email and I will send this to you along with other free educational emails at least once a month!  Please fill out the form below.  

To a better health for you and me, and everyone we see, to health practitioners, and to our families too, let us be the best me and YOU!


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