Ninxgia Red, it does a body good…for real!

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  I bet you didn’t know that you, yes you, even a young person could be at risk for diabetes!  Recently, there have been some close friends of our family whom I have discovered having diabetes.   This saddens me so very much.  I learned in my doctoral program and undergraduate degree really how bad it is to have diabetes.  In layman’s terms diabetes can be described as an accelerated decay of bodily tissues and organs which can lead to many other serious illness and problems.  The sad thing is that many of us are on our way to having perhaps not full fledged diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches etc etc…but we are slowly hurting our body so that someday, we will have something wrong with us, it’s not a question of WILL we have disease, but it’s more a question of WHEN we will have disease.
Diabetes isn’t something to brush off ones shoulders and say, well a lot of other people have it, it can’t be that big of a deal…NO WAY, it’s a HUGE deal.  It affects your whole body and your whole life.  I can assert that many of my physical therapist friends will conclude how comorbities such as diabetes really affects their prognosis (how well they wil do in rehab) and overall healing and energy levels.
As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I can tell you of many several things you may want to try to better your overall health and longevity.  First is to exercise!!!  Even if you just walk for 10 minutes a day it’s so good for you!  Baby steps are alright in my book!  Second is to make sure you have enough water.  If you have enough water you can better help digest and metabolize your foods and flush out toxins.  Third is to eat low glycemic index foods.  These are the foods that don’t break down super fast in your body and cause a spike in blood sugar.  Lots of people have different ideas of what is the best things to eat and the proper nutrition.  I say keep it simple stupid (KISS).  What I mean by that is the best foods that are going to properly nourish you are the ones WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES, WITHOUT ADDITIVES.  See my other page, for more information on this.
My friends, there are even MORE things you can do to help better your health and what studies say could PREVENT the development and SLOW the progression of diabetes!  I am about to tell you what this is!
  It is a particular plant substance, a fruit called Chinese Wolfberry.  There is literature reporting that the wolfberry has all of the potential health benefits in the body:  Antioxidant, Immunomodulatory activity, anti-tumor, neuroprotective effects, radioprotective activity, anti-diabetic activity, and others…if that is too
technical sounding to you…It’s JUST REALLY GOOD FOR YOU!  This study reports the astounding following results: “it suggested that wolfberry could prevent the development of diabetes and slow the progression once it had developed! I added the exclamation point.  The point of the study was to see if there are safe/natural alternatives to combat this very stubborn disease.   The best wolfberry’s out there are actually in an elixir form that you and I can easily obtain!  It is called NinXgia red and it is a WONDERFUL and very nutritional juice supplement that Young Living has that is chuck full of
chinese wolfberry!  Watch these videos on it HERE!
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Here is the link to the study on Chinese Wolfberry also known as Lycium Barbarum.
To a better health for you and me, and everyone we see, to health practitioners, and to our families too,
let us be the best me and YOU!

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