DIY “Do It Yourself” projects



With all the chemicals, toxins, and cancer causing ingredients in our products today it’s wise to either buy products that can PROVE that the ingredients are all natural or make your stuff yourself.  If you don’t believe me grab your lotion, deodorant, shampoo, or toothpaste.  Are there a lot of ingredients with numbers?  How about PEG- attached to a number or another term?  How about ones you can barely read?  Ok!  How about Propelyne glycol?  That’s a biggie in products I bet you don’t know what that is!  IT’S ANTIFREEZE.

IMAGINE, ANTIFREEZE in your deodorant! Even all natural deodorants (well uh products that claim they are all natural) have this toxic ingredient.  BABY WIPES have it. This therapist is not pulling your leg when she says that she thinks there is a link to CANCER with this stuff in these products and foods.  YES I said food, there is propylene glycol in our foods Neurotoxins as well….most boxed foods have them.

Just think of this:  If you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on your most vulnerable yet largest organ of your body AKA your skin?  Everything you soak up on the skin is absorbed into the body.  All the chemicals and cancer causing agents in all those products are being slurped up through your skin, disgusting in my opinion!

So in order to combat this in my own home I make my own things.  I’ve made my own exfoliating scrubs, lotions,  baby wipes, headache remedies, anti-cold and flu remedies, flavored and healthy drinks, and the list goes on.  It wasn’t as hard as you would think to make the switch!  I am dedicating this part of my blog to share all of the things I’ve tried and how it worked out for me!  I will have some YouTube videos along with some written form documents for you to go by!

Please give me requests on what you’d like me to try and post for later!  I don’t mind being a guinea pig!

YouTube videos on DIY Essential Oil Self care, baby care, and beauty products!


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