Essential oil Epicondylitis “Tennis Elbow” Relief


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Have you had an overuse injury often called “tennis elbow” or epicondlyitis on your hands?  Being a physical therapist, and a tennis player I can relate.  I recently had some major tennis elbow inflammation going on about 2 weeks ago from doing lots of manual work on my patients.  This could have potentially been a long-standing injury that I wouldn’t have been able to work quite the same my last week of work.  There was a very easy solution for this for me that I was AMAZED on how well it worked!  Of course I have the edge of knowing how to do myofascial (muscle, tendons, fascia) work to myself but I know that using my young living essential oils is what really did the trick to make this pain relief LAST with NO PROBLEMS!  AS a matter of fact it worked so well on my right arm, which is my dominant upper extremity, that my left one, that was presenting with a little bit of a hint of it continued to hurt (very minimally) when my right one didn’t hurt at all this past week and I was able to TREAT patients!  I will give you a secret on what oils I used, and in what order but unfortunately cannot jump outta this computer to you to treat you, but you at least have this, which is A LOT trust me!  Check this, there is a reason you use peppermint last, it helps DRIVE the rest of the oils into your skin and work into those areas of inflammation more efficiently.

Epicondylitis “tennis elbow” RELIEF layering protocol

2 drops of lemongrass essential oil

2 drops of wintergreen essential oil

2 drops of RC essential oil

2 drops of peppermint essential oilf

Rub this into the affected area! Find a therapist if needed as you may need some specific techniques and/or exercises to help completely resolve your tennis elbow!  I can do all of this for you so feel free to contact me as well!


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