Essential oils and Physical Therapy






There are many reasons why essential oils should be used as a complimentary and alternative medicine in physical therapy and really within everyone’s home.  It’s amazing to me the health benefits that essential oils can give for many common health ailments I see man of my friends, family, and patients going through.  I have thrown out all of our pain medications, and almost ALL of my over the counter (OTC) drugs out of our house (I have kept fish oil and some multivitamins around).

But why with essential oils?

The basic most fundamental cornerstone of our health first comes with nutrition.  We all need to be better informed of our nutrition.  It frightens me to think that NUEROLOGICAL TOXINS are put in our food, and MOST foods which are not raw, organic, whole foods have them.  We desperately all NEED GOOD NUTRITION, and we NEED foods with anti-oxidants to counteract all these nasty toxins in our foods, air, water etc.  Good, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils do countless things to reverse all the negative effects from our environment and to create that wonderful homeostasis we all need to have optimal health.  We have had essential oils in our house for well over a year now, and they have done wonderful things for our family!  Please be sure to fill out the form below and we can keep in touch as I love to share about my experiences and help others achieve their health goals!

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4 thoughts on “Essential oils and Physical Therapy

    • Hi Colleen! When asking me the source, I am wondering how deep in this conversation you would like me to get and also if you are asking me this question: Is the source of all our problems due to toxins? When I say toxins, a lot of times I am generalizing a whole spectrum of issues. My definition of a toxin is anything that is not naturally made in nature or by our creator, Jesus! There are a lot of “look alike” fakes in our world even when it comes to our personal products, foods, makeups(really hard to find real natural make-up!), what we breath in and the list goes on and on. These fakes do NOT match up with our body and ultimately cause dysfunctions…even if you do not notice it right away your body will eventually go on overload and not be able to process out these foreign chemicals ultimately causing some kind of issue later (many doctors would call this disease). It’s peculiar to me that many people come in with systemic musculoskeletal aches and pains (they hurt everywhere!), and funny enough there is no known cause of fibromyalgia, it’s an idiopathic disease meaning we just throw our hands up and we just don’t know or ever could conceive of having an answer for this. What I have been learning through my “oily” groups is that inflammation in the body is a defense mechanism from harmful stimuli, and long term would yield obviously chronic inflammation where the immune system starts to damage the body :(, but there are good ways to keep ones system up such as more sleep, exercise, prayer(ok-I don’t know if there is a study on that one! haha!), proper nutrition, and of course essential oils. So in short, yes I do believe that toxins, anything man-made not God-made causes issues within the body..this is my source and I’m sticking to it! I really hope that answers your question, please continue to comment or ask questions as you feel!


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