Treatments- Headaches, Back Pain, and the Raindrop technique


I love treating some of the most difficult things to deal with and a lot of times your neck, headache, arm, or leg pain may be coming from or at least involving your spine.  Headaches and backaches are my forte.  Even if you have minor aches and pains your body is trying to tell you something and it is best to start treating something right away versus waiting until it gets worse!    I am an expert in treating these ailments.  If you haven’t had results with your MD, chiropractor, or massage therapist I can still be effective and get you feeling better even when others have failed.  My treatments are generally very gentle but surprisingly effective.  Even if you have had long standing back issues and are fearing to have to have surgery, I have some answers for you.  Please make an appointment with me today so we can make you feel better and be the best YOU there is!  For those of you who are interested in getting treatment for the optimal health you will be interested in something called the Raindrop technique which reduces stress, reverses scoliosis, reduces sciatic back pain, boosts the immune system, and raises “feel good” endorphins throughout the body!  It’s a must for good health!  Please fill the contact form below so we can keep in touch.



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