Get the sleep of your life.


Get the sleep of your lifeThe most fantastic thing happened to me last night. This wasn’t the first night of this happening either. My problem has been that I haven’t been having dreams in a long time and it bothered me, I knew something was up.

Well, last night I had an amazing amount of REM, Rapid Eye Movement, sleep. This is the deep “dream sleep” that brings on the most restful and rejuvenating sleep that often comes along with those dreams I was missing. Sleep is SO important for health as many cellular processes occur at night repairing and rebuilding, and so forth. I have been experimenting and the best sleep I’ve had in a long time was last night despite my choice of being on the computer too long right before bed (which actually screws with your melatonin production, neuron activity in the brain, and REM sleep).

My friends, Clary Sage Essential oil is what truly has given me my dreams back. It’s also balanced my hormonal state and I feel more….ME! I will tell you that I also used lavender, cedarwood, progessance plus (very awesome serum!) and ylang ylang at bedtime. For how good my sleep was last night I may be doing this religiously every night as sleep is so so important!!! What a HUGE blessing!!!

May you be blessed with the best of sleep too!



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