Holistic advice on how to deal with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease



As a doctor of physical therapy I often have to play “doctor mom” in my household. To no surprise I have a good handle on what to do due to my extensive anatomical and physiological knowledge base that I acquired in graduate school.  My family just had sickness go through our house and I wasn’t completely sold that it was a stomach bug and especially so after my coworker reported that she and her son came down with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  I am not going to get into the vaccine debate in this post, but there have been many attempts to make a vaccine for this disease.  The CDC also reports that only children under 5 will get it.  Our family ALL (including me! and IM NOT FIVE haha!) had the symptoms of it AND NOBODY DIED and we are still here today to tell you just how we survived it! 😉


So maybe you are a parent who was freaked out noticing some of the symptoms coming and going like I did which consisted of:  a fever with or without chills, sores on the hand, a sore throat, congestion including all sorts of colors of snot and sputum, sneezing, general fatigue and achiness (kinda like the flu), nausea, maybe some vomiting, and we definitely had some diarrhea going on in our house.  I had it one weekend, a weekend later my daughter had it which did scare me as she is a toddler, and then it hit my husband and he had it the worst as it looked like death was coming over him.  READER PLEASE NOTE THIS ONE THING:  WE DID NOT have to have ALL of the symptoms of this disease to be a carrier or to be infected with this sickness.  Ask yourself this question.  Does everyone respond to the flu or a cold the same way?  Simple observation will tell you the truth.  It just depends on the health state of your body at this time.  So many incredible factors to look upon and SO MANY things you can do to get yourself back to health.  We do not generally use medical intervention in our house.  I am a doctor of physical therapy and I make calls on a frequent basis of where patients should go to either their primary, or a specialist, and I make the same calls within my family.  I also believe we thrive as human beings, mind, body, and spirit by using many powerful and natural methods such as essential oils and nutrition to bring the body to optimal health.  


1.) Watch, smell, observe, feel.  I’m serious here.  No one knows their toddler like you momma.  The first thing I noticed was that she was breaking a sweat at night and very warm.  By the morning it subsided.  She seemed pretty normal.  I am a believer that fevers (as long as they are not vaccine induced) are a natural response to “kill” sickness out of the body…I’ve trained myself to not freak out about that anymore.  I smelled and heard something quite rotten as she goes “uh ohhhhh” and had diarrhea :(.  THIS my friends is when I started to freak out a little….now I HAD TO MAKE SURE SHE WAS HYDRATED!

2.) Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.  Simple math.  If a lot is coming out you might wanna make sure some hydration gets in!  This is when I praised God that I breastfed still….it was comforting for her and I believe even physiologically so as she NEVER had a problem with hydration.  Not a breastfeeding mama?  No worries you know your kiddo- find their favorite thing to drink and hopefully it’s not too sugary as that can lead to just as much or more diarrhea which we don’t want leading to number 3.

3.) Diarrhea Diarrhea go away and NO you can’t come back another day…   When I started to worry that my little toddler was going to start loosing her baby chub it started to pull on my heart strings in a depressing way :(—like how could you let this happen Laurel!?!?  I looked up a lot about toddler diarrhea and was rest assured it’s more common (mind you she was practically on an all liquid breastfeeding diet by HER choice) than I thought and you can bind up stomach contents well with certain foods such as BANANAS.  The biggest problem to getting her to eat was just that-  she had no appetite whatsover.  Now here comes my Recipe for a banana creme shake that opened the door for more food later for her!

Nutribullet (or blender) toddler appetizing anti-sickie smoothie

1/2 cup of sliced frozen bananas (I use organic)

Good sprinkle of organic cinnammon

1/2 tsp of organic vanilla extract

1/4 cup (or so) of organic rice milk or distilled H20 -add more if its not blending well 😉

I nutribulleted the above ingredients and SHE FINALLY ATE, and WITHIN HOURS the POOP SOLIDIFIED

4.) “You’ll have to wait this one out…it’s just a virus” ACTUALLY THAT IS NOT TRUE! See number 5!

5.)  ESSENTIAL OILS.  I didn’t know what this sickness was at first.  I kept thinking maybe its the flu, maybe it’s the flu.  The flu is actually an upper respiratory infection which can turn into a stomach bug.  I used my mainstay Essential oil to COMBAT this.  Essential oils are ANTI-VIRAL!!!!  That scary green snot and chest congestion GO AWAY when I diffuse and topically apply the Young Living Blend RC.  Since I didn’t know what it was I trialed quite a few oils and had wished I had the blend, thieves as it has gotten the flu right out of the way for us before.   She also was able to ingest some essential oils as I used the lemon for a fish recipe you will see below!  You don’t have the ones that the reference book says to use? NO big deal!  That’s the amazing thing about essential oils is that you can use whatever oils you have on hand, and you can still get results.    Essential oils have proven in our family to be a powerful way to lessen the severity of sicknesses that Doctors have told my friends and even myself…”you’ll just have to wait this one out…it’s a virus.”

6.) When your ready….EAT.  AND EAT GOOD LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.  The same day that my daughter’s appetite was coming back shortly after eating the banana smoothie recipe listed above she also needed something else.  We had the most dear of friends come over whom this is the second time they’ve made this blog!  Anyways, they traveled many hours from Michigan to see us here in Stafford, VA.  They were the inspiration to cook fish.  Why fish?  Well when Jesus died, went to hell, rose to heaven, and came back from the dead he ate fish.  I’m seriously not crazy as you think, Jesus WOULD pick the very best thing to eat, and I believe he did.  His body went through something extremely taxing, horrible, and well literally life taking!  He took THE WHOLE LOAD OF OUR SINS then came back and ate fish which I think with all the OMEGA 3’s in that stuff it probably did help Him perk up…kinda of like MY TODDLER NEEDED AS WELL.  She ate the wild caught salmon like CRAZY!  It had lemon essential oil in it as well….that was the very first time we put essential oils on food for dinner like that–she loved it and I believe that it helped her tremendously as she really needed some proper nutrition after what her body went through if you would like this awesome recipe click on this link:  https://laurelsholistichealth.com/lemon-essential-oil-wild-caught-salmon/

IF you want to know MORE about ESSENTIAL OILS or holistic health fill out below



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