New Life: Baby, Herbs, and Oils



It happens to be that giving birth to my daughter and having new life in my house has supported my passion and need for natural remedies and essential oils.   I read online about this super awesome way to make childbirth faster and more efficient called raspberry leaf tea.  I read a few posts about how it has been used for generations in other countries as a way to make labor as LITTLE AS 30 MINUTES!  Now that is a fast labor!  The key was to have a WHOLE OUNCE of the tea seeped with VERY hot water then drink it pretty darn hot and to drink it throughout your pregnancy.  It tones the uterus so when contractions are occurring they are very efficient and make each contraction count during labor.  I bought the raspberry leaf tea and drank it throughout my pregnancy; however, the my labor didn’t go as planned…it happened a MONTH early….

It was a Friday and there was a blizzard and something started to leak down there during one of my treatment sessions as a PT.  I stood up and felt a tiny gush.  I called the doctor and was told that perhaps it would be wise to come in.  I had two evaluations to write up and thought to myself that I could get a lot done and not be driving on the wintry and dangerous roads all the way out to bay city.  So that’s what I did.  Next day I go to my sister’s baby shower and, yeah, nothing.   Next morning another little gush in bed.  So I tell my husband that we should get in the car and get things checked out.

What I DIDN’T want to happen of course did.  They told me that I needed to be induced.  YUCK.  They put me on that nasty Pitocin at 9:30 AM.  I hate that stuff, it made me feel disgusting.  Hours upon hours of waiting…the contractions were not hard or painful.  And they kept on saying: you are not in enough pain yet….it will be a while.  I had this feeling of this is so gross, they are FORCING labor and it is UNNATURAL to the body.  So I asked the mid-wife if I could take Raspberry leaf tea…she said she would get back to me and check to see if it would interact with Pitocin.  She couldn’t find anything so I didn’t take it right away like the “directions” said.

Hours of waiting….my water broke as my Stepdad entered the room!  It really embarrassed him and each time I laughed it gushed more and more…and Shelby (my sister) would laugh, and I would laugh and WHOOOSH!  More came out!  Such a WEIRD feeling.   This occurred around 6:30 PM or so.

A couple of hours later as they kept increasing my Pitocin amount, finally, I started to feel some labor pain.  Apparently I had to be in excruciating pain for them to think anything was going to really happen soon.  THEN it started to hurt like hell.  I even had a show down with God in my thoughts and prayers because I thought we worked this out beforehand…this whole being in pain thing….

Contractions got REALLY painful.  I asked the hospital staff….how long could this be?  They told me, “It could be HOURS honey.”  I couldn’t handle it any longer and was in so much pain I felt extremely nauseous and honestly asked myself if I could handle much longer of a labor, and the answer was, No.  I looked at my mom and said, “Give me my tea” and downed it feeling that it is my human right to be able to put in my body something NATURAL and something NON-TOXIC (unlike the Pitocin).  The baby came very soon after I took the tea, no one timed it, but I know it had to be between half an hour and an hour…I would guess it could even have been less being that pain seems make me perceive that time is much much longer than it really was.

I pushed no more than 6 times and the last push she FLEW out….they almost didn’t catch her in time! HA!  I attributed this fast delivery to using my raspberry leaf tea.  Not only did using this tea help me birth my child, it planted a seed for me to turn to natural remedies more often which after some research has led me something which I believe to be the missing link.  You an really make a difference in your own health click here to listen to the MISSING LINK:

Essential oils, the MISSING LINK to GOOD HEALTH, beauty, weight management, and even things like moods and depression.  I was sold when I was told that ONE DROP of peppermint essential oil equated into 20+ tea bags of peppermint tea.   Amazing.  I bought Young Living Essential oils premium starter kit to begin.  It’s an amazing offer and what I think is the best way to get started.  I got a lot of awesome bonuses that REALLY helped me a TON on getting started.  I know SO much and can use essential oils for so many things, including DIY lotion, medicine, and hair and skin products all NON TOXIC and HEALTHY!




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