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Essential oils with the Essential information you need to get started.

Dear friends,

Essential oils have been here for thousands of years and they are here to stay!  Have you often wondered, how in the world am I going to use essential oils if I get them?  Have you often dreamed of living out your dreams, overcoming fears, and attaining that health and wellness you remember having when you were a younger person?   If you answered yes to any of these questions my friend, you have come to the right place.


If you have had the chance to speak with me, looked at my site, been treated by me,  looked at the evidence based research you may have already an idea of my holistic approach along with the benefits of essential oils for your health, increased immunity, and well being.

If you haven’t had much time to look at my site or haven’t spoke with or been treated by me—you may not realize the true benefits of essential oils.  Here is a few highlights to help you see why myself as a healthcare professional, mom, and christian am so passionate about this ancient known way to wellness.

  • Essential oils date back as the first medicine recorded and effectively used in biblical times.
  • Essential oils have molecular structure that matches receptor the body to create homeostasis in the body unlike no other natural or synthetic remedies (drugs).
  • Essential oils are great for increasing overall immunity of the body, increasing overall oxygen levels in the cells, and help the body find homeostasis.
  • Essential oils actually are UPLIFTING in your moods and do not weigh you down or cause horrible side effects.  PURE essential oils DO NOT illicit any allergic reactions.
  • Essential oils can be used on all ages from babies to the elderly.  They are the safest way to take care many people when using essential oils that are truly 100% therapeutic grade oils.
  • Essential oils are not just a trend, they are cutting edge treatment for many health issues.  Essential oils are GREAT for physical therapists, massage therapists, nursing homes, and hospital use.  Many hospitals (even including the NICU!) are using essential oils now.  The MAYO clinic has endorsed the use and has begun doing more and more studies on them.
  • As a physical therapist I have seen great results with essential oils within myself and own health, with my patients, and within my own family.
  •    I have been blessed to have my beliefs supported and I have seen essential oils work well in situations where most would have succumbed to using antibiotics or other toxic/synthetic chemicals— a mini example of this would be under my post on how we handled what the doctor told me was a baby ear infection, naturally!

Which company, which oils, how to use the oils?

The MOST IMPORTANT THINGS when it comes to oils are QUALITY and VALUE.   Many companies falsify their credibility and claim that they have 100% therapeutic grade oils, but DO NOT. It’s amazing, but some people will cut edges to make more of a profit without thinking of how this could be taking the potentially amazing health benefits from quality and valuable essential oils.

Once, you decide to begin changing your life with essential oils, you may have questions such as what oil to use for what condition or how to use them. The biggest mistake one can do when getting into essential oils is to not have the proper support system and educational resources to use them!  I am linked up with many professionals and experts who you will have the opportunity to learn from as well.  Also, you will have myself, a doctor of physical therapy who can also educate you from my perspective on how essential oils can help with common ailments like headaches, arthritis, overuse injuries, back pain, shoulder pain, and the list goes on!

You want the bang for your buck, you want VALUE.  Everyone wants the best deal.  The deal I have to offer is the best deal around to get you started with essential oils.  It’s the way I started, and it’s the way I recommend anyone else starting out if they would like to embark on essential oils!  What is this deal you say?  ITS THE PREMIUM STARTER KIT!



-everything you need to begin using Essential Oils and to change your life!

image (2)


What you see above is from the Young Living Essential Oils company- the world leader in Essential oils.   Young living is the company with the highest standards when it comes to planting, cultivating, harvesting, and distilling their essential oils.  As a matter of fact, if the batch isn’t good enough….it’s all thrown out in order that YOU get the optimal benefit from the essential oils.   You can be confident that your premium starter kit is going to be the best of quality when you order from Young Living.  This Kit offers everything you need to begin using essential oils and to change your life.


The premium starter kits has 3 parts to it, and each part is very valuable and necessary if you want that complete change in your life and health of you and your family.  After you see the breakdown on what you are getting here, you will see how valuable this offer really is.

Part #1: Young Living Membership

image (1)

This type of membership is amazing and unlike other memberships like sams and costco.  Why?  Because you’ll receive so much value right from the start!

  • 5 ml of stress away blend with the optional roll on feature.  What a great way to begin using oils and also some stress relief!
  • Two sample packets of the wonderful Ninxgia Red!  It is a Whole-Food juice product infused with essential oils.  Used by athletes and even recommended to military service members to keep health status ship shape.
  • 2 sample packets of some of the most popular essential oils to share with others (or hoard for yourself-haha!): peppermint, lavender, lemon, peace and calming, and thieves blend.
  • Essential oils at a glance reference guide.  A quick reference tool to get you a little more acquainted with how to use your oils.
  • Product guide.  This is a wonderful book of all the oils with wholesale and retail pricing listed. Great to have on hand when you are trying to find that perfect product or essential oil for any need.
  • WHOLESALE PRICING.  OF course, this is the BEST benefit of all!  24% OFF retail pricing, will help you to afford the products to best suit you and your families needs.

In addition to these membership benefits, this is a lifetime membership with no annual fees.  And if you want you have the opportunity to start a business of your own.

All that is required is at least one order per year at a minimum 50 PV.  (PV stands for product volume and is usually equivlanet to the dollar value.)



image (3)The Everyday Oils Collection is one word: AMAZING.  It is an excellent and the most complete way to beginning to use essential oils.  These are Young Living’s 10 most popular essential oil singles and blends in one set.  You will open this up and begin smelling them and I can assure you, you will love what you find.

This blend of essential oils will help you experience a wide range of uses and benefits with essential oils and you will see soon how they can benefit you, your family, and your patients (if applicable).   Discover the mind, body, and soul change with Young Living’s Everyday Oil collection!

Breakdown of the Everyday Oil Collection (5ml each):

photo (6)Peppermint: Used for centuries for soothing digestive difficulties in adults, babies and children,heartburn, freshening breath, creating alertness, and aids the respiratory system.  Studies have shown peppermint oil to actually increase VO2 max in athletes!  My own mother has reported that peppermint oil has aided her in recovering from a rebound headache from pharmacuetical drugs when nothing else could help her.  It has helped me with tension headaches and with motion sickness!  From my physical therapy perspective I love peppermint because it is an anti-inflammatory it does amazing things to achy muscles-  biofreeze is the “fake” and non-effective version to peppermint.  I use peppermint instead of bio-freeze folks! 🙂

image (4)Lavender:  A favorite of many, and a favorite of mine!  Do you have anyone in your house suffering from lack of a good nights rest or allergies?  Lavender is it!  Lavender has a wonderful way of soothing diaper rashes, burns, acne issues, helps with post surgical scarring, relieving depression, soothing a crying baby and much more!

image (5)Lemon:  Lemon essential oil added to your drinking water purifies your drinking water and kills bacteria!  I bet you didn’t know that lemon essential is anti-tumoral?  Lemon and the citrus oils have so many health benefits!  Anticancer, antidepressant, antiseptic (meaning easy to make SAFE Household cleaners!) anti-viral(yes EO’s are ANTIVIRAL!), and very refreshing indeed, you will love your Young Living Lemon essential oil! Also, Lemon essential oil is documented to contain D-limonene which is a known reducer of cancer.

image (6)Frankincense:  I find this one of the most comforting oils for myself in a spiritual way.  From a health standpoint I can see why one would find great comfort from this essential oil as it is also a very effective cancer fighter, even in the hard to beat bladder cancer cells!   Effective for brain injured patients, arthritis, depression, warts, wrinkles, and many more uses Frankincense is a holy oil that was commonly used to improve communication with God while burning of incense. Frankincense has given me a powerful aid in my concentration when needed and yields a great amount of comfort and strength.

image (7)Panaway:  Every physical therapist, mom, and doctors office should carry this.  It’s a great way to reduce pain and inflammation after injury, muscle strain, or even chronic pain.  Ben Gay and Icy Hot are it’s FAKE wannabe’s.  Fake doesn’t get at the root of the problem, and often carries some dangerous other ingredients in those products.  Time to use the real and the natural products to ease muscle strain, overused and sore muscles from now on.

image (8)Peace and Calming:  I love this blend, it smells so wonderful.  Calming and infant, small child, or even big kid like myself with this Essential oil is so easy to do.  Life can become so busy, stressful, and hectic.  This oil is one of my favorite go to’s for taming the stresses of this crazy life.

image (9)Purification:  Febreeze and air fresheners are actually toxic…you are breathing in toxins.  Purification is a natural way to EAT up odors whether it’s stinky soccer shoes, the bathroom, or offensive bacterial odors that actually can be “digested” by this amazing essential oil.  This blend is also a wonderful alternative to using DEET bug spray which is VERY toxic.  I actually just used it the other day on a run which included the woods with a friend, she reported that she didn’t even have the pesty gnats coming after her like they normally do in the woods!

image (14)
Thieves:  The secret weapon to combatting illness. I use Thieves on myself, my husband, and my baby when any major sickness tries to plague our house.  It works.  I actually feel free with this as I don’t have to miss work much because of this essential oil. This blend has a great history as it was used in France during the plague as some thieves who happened to be experts in spicery used this blend to be able to rob plague victims without contracting the illness!  Very useful and effective stuff.  Studies have shown Thieves to by 60% stronger than pennicillin and ampicillin.

image (10)Valor:  “chiropractor in a bottle” or if you ask this physical therapist, “a physical therapist’s dream”.  Valor can help re-align the body and aide while doing soft tissue and manual therapy techniques.  It is effective in pain reduction and I make it a point as a mother to always have some of this handy for my daughter in case she bumps her head, gets a bruise. One doctor reference valor and said to “pour on” if a child were to break a bone even (please still go into the doctor though please!).  By the name, one could surmise that it can give you confidence, and that indeed it does. Some pretty powerful stuff!

image (13)Joy:  THIS my friend is a LOVELY smelling oil.  PERFECT for a non-toxic perfume.  It brings feelings of togetherness.  I use it and it does bring my spirits up as you would guess by it’s name and it also helps me feel good about myself.  Joy is a great choice for those who want to elevate their mood naturally as it provides great emotional balance.

Everyday Essential Oils collection value $159.54


image (15)

A diffuser is a highly recommended way to begin introduces essential oils within your home.  Purify your air from bacteria, mold, a flu bug and of course bad odors!  Young Living Actually throws this in, for FREE!  It’s 98$ value!  But you get it FREE with your premium starter kit!  It is one of the best ways to make full use of your essential oils.

Once you have this diffuser, you will always have the ability to have a great smelling home.

Home diffuser value 98.68

Overall value: $300.00….what you can get it for $150.00!

Be a part of what many are finding to be their solution to many common health problems, saving time, saving money, and most importantly saving ones health and well-being.  Hear what this medical Doctor, Dr. Alan Hirsch is even saying with the future of medicine:

“’The future of medicine lies in Aromatherapy,’ according to Dr. Alan Hirsch, MD., F.A.C.P., and Director of the Smell, Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Chicago, IL. He also predicts that “In the very near future every home medicine chest will contain Essential Oils.”

I do believe his words, have gone through a health transformation myself, and have been a witness to many stating that they have had major changes and health advances with use of essential oils!  I am a part of this huge movement, what about you?  Let’s change your health and your future together!  In addition to all these benefits you can share this with your loved ones, friends, and acquaintances and have opportunity to get your oils free and even make a profit!  Let me know if you have any questions about this opportunity as well!

Are you wondering how you will be able to figure out how to use your oils?  Don’t worry, getting your starter kit through Laurels Holistic Health will ensure that you get all the resources you need to succeed:

You will have access to high quality resources to be informed and educated on how to use your oils through a companion website that you will have access to short after you purchase your kit.

This website (Family Essential oils and Laurelsholistichealth) will offer you the following BONUSES!:

100+ Uses for the Everyday Oils.  Over 100 documented ways to use the oils in your Everyday Oils Kit. (PDF download)image (16)

Access to “New Members” Quick-Start Videos. This set of 10 videos provides just what you need to get you using your oils with confidence in hardly any time at allimage (17)

Access to Ongoing Webinars and Training Videos. Regular training is yours as long as you maintain your membership

Access to “Members Only” Section. Here you can view recorded webinars and training videos, as well as access special essential oil (7)

Exclusive Monthly Newsletter.  Sent via email at the beginning of each month, provides important info about new resources to help you in your essential oils journey. It also includes our top tips, testimonials, and recipes

SECRET facebook page. here all your essential oil questions may be answered by our online and very active community!  A wonderful resource!image (18)



You will get all the bonuses to make use of your essential oils streamlined and simplified as possible to get you going on them very easily.  The resources alone are easily worth the purchase of the entire package.  I have benefited greatly from this offer myself and have learned and am continuing to learn more and more!  I love my essential oils!

The Premium starter kit with these bonuses is PERFECT for Busy Moms Who Demand Quality, Value. . . and Service

Our families need Quality, Value and Service…and this is what this mom found with the Premium Starter Kit.

In summary this is what you are getting!

  • You will get quality therapeutic-grade essential oils available today from Young Living Essential Oils.
  • You get great value as you are supplied with everything you need to start using essential oils for a healthier family.
  • You get excellent service through many resources through this website and it’s companion website, Family Essential Oils.



You can have it ALL for $150!…You will get started the right way with…

  • The highest quality essential oils

  • The best resources that suit your needs

  •  The service and people here to help you with any questions you have along the way…it’s been an amazing experience for me and I hope the same for you!


    There is no greater feeling than being able to take care of your family, baby, and children in a way that is so incredibly natural, safe, healthy, and convenient.  So GO AHEAD,  INVEST in you and your families health and long-term well-being.  Not only can you see results now, you will be affecting your families long term health and performing more of what needs to be done in this country, preventative measures against disease!

Fill out the form below and I will be sure to get back to you within a day or two to confirm your order and obtain your payment information.

Order Your Premium Starter Kit Here

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